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Landing Your First Job As A Graphic Designer

As a young and aspiring graphic designer in the making, earning a living from what you love doing may seem far-fetched. However, with the right advice getting that job is not just an important step in launching your career but also an exploration of the field and commencement of a learning process. Here are tips to help you get that first job you yearn.

Write a cover letter and a resume

A cover letter is a necessity in every job application and for a graphic designer job is no different. Make your cover letter as short but precise as possible with emphasis on the job title, where you saw the listing, information about you and your current occupation. Inform the recipient why you are interested and your experience and skills. Do not forget to end by being courteous and inviting to hear more from them. On the other hand, your resume should comprise of a summary of your experience and skills with relevance on your education certifications past jobs and past internships.

Create an online portfolio

An online presence shows your credibility and demonstrates the knowledge, skills and qualifications you possess. Tailor your website or blog to appeal to your potential employers and use all channels to get your message out there. Sites like LinkedIn are powerful tools to built your online professional presence and allow you to connect with the relevant people in the industry and professional groups.

Network creatively

With online professional sites to connect individuals in the industry, cold-pitching your ideas and work has been made easy. Ensure your skill set stands out from the rest of people applying for the same jobs. Make your resume unique with motion graphics, illustrator and visual to outline your skills as well as visual experience. Such skills will be 

Get experience

As it is apparent with most jobs, experience is necessary. For young graphic designers gaining this vital experience may be challenging but a solution is available. You may do volunteer work or undertake internship course to gain experience and contacts in the industry. Establishing a footing in the industry also presents itself as a long term benefit. 

Look for job openings

The internet is a goldmine with job listings. Scour it for potential opportunities especially agency websites. These sites provide platforms for job seekers to match their skills to the listed requirements of the employers. Recruitment agencies help to bridge the gap between employers and the labor market and as a job seeker, they present themselves as a channel of contact.

Prepping for your interview

Everyone dreads interviews. Your first impression to your potential employer will matter a lot. Prep for the interview by also anticipating the questions on the interview. Ensure you are on time and be appropriately dressed. What to wear is a major source of anxiety for graphic designers since you are not expected to dress in a suit and tie. The best advice would probably be to be yourself. However, that is not an excuse and you should be on your best dress code.

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