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Photography Tips for Designers

As a graphic designer, you need to produce quality images for your clients. You should note that using improper photography equipment can jeopardize your work. Lacking the right photos to use in your designs can easily prompt you to start taking the photos yourself. The results can be a bit disappointing especially if you are not experienced in photography but following these tips below can help improve your art. These tips include

Use a good camera  

You should not spend a lot of money on a camera only to find out that it does not provide you with quality photos. A DSLR camera, albeit pricy, is an example of a good camera that produces amazing photos. Learn how to use the camera before you get started so that you get the best results.

Be unique  

Make sure the photos you take are nothing but unique. It should be something that has not been done by any other person. Providing quality photos that cannot be found anywhere else is not extremely difficult. Explore the different parts of your neighbourhood to get unique photos or ideas.

Have an inspiration board 

The inspiration board will have your photo sketches which you can use for a photo shoot. The inspiration board will make it easy for you to get ideas on capturing the perfect photos. 

Get a stylist 

Getting a stylist for your photos can help your model get a perfect look. The stylist will also advice you on the appropriate background to use.

Choose the best background 

The background will say a lot about your photo. Do not take photos of boring landscapes. Instead, look for exciting backgrounds that can increase the appeal of your photo.

Tell the models what to wear to the photo shoot 

The colours and style of your models can affect the outcome of your photo. They should not wear something that will interfere with the background. 

Know exactly what you want

You must know beforehand what you want to achieve from the photo shoot. It will make it easy for you to get the desired results. 

Invest in proper lighting 

Lighting has a great effect on how your photos will turn out. Therefore, make sure that you use the correct lighting. You can buy the light stands to ensure that you get the right kind of lighting during the photo shoot.

Use different angles

 Using different angles will give you the best shot.  You can use different angles for any shot.

Take many photos 

You need to take as many photos as you can.  Taking multiple shots will allow you to choose the appropriate ones.

Use a light box 

A light box will come in handy when you are capturing small objects. You can get one for less than $30. 

Tell a story

Always ensure sure that all your photos tell a story. The story should complement your design.

Composition of elements and objects

 The composition is very important, and you need to treat your photo shoot just the same way you would do to your designs. There should be something that will draw viewers to your photos.

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