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Reasons to use bus advertising for your business

Think about all the people sitting on a bus or driving beside one and the level of exposure they have to the advertisements on the bus. Using bus advertising can help to increase the brand awareness of your business despite the size of your company. 

Since buses offer frequent interaction with your target market, it increases the opportunity to drive customers to your business or website. You might ask why you should use bus advertising at a time where there are other modern methods of advertising. Bus advertising presents numerous benefits to businesses and may even be more appropriate for smaller and local businesses. Some of the reasons to use bus advertising are outlined below.

Wide reach

Buses offer transit advertisements that arguably dominate other forms of daytime advertising. Their easy-to-read and attractive ads generate numerous exposure opportunities to the target market at a fraction of what other electronic and print mediums are likely to charge for the same services. 

It is an involuntary medium

You can easily switch off the television or computer if you do not wish to view them. However, bus advertising is an involuntary medium since it targets individuals in vehicles and other pedestrians who are unable to turn off the ads. 


Businesses that do not target specific markets can benefit from this form of advertising since the ads reach out to a diverse range of people. While other mediums are unable to achieve total market penetration, using buses reaches out to where people live, work and play. Traditional methods of advertisement such as print are unable to match the impact and reach of bus advertising.


Buses will often ply the same route during the whole day.  Not only do these buses travel for hundreds of miles but they also do this each week of the year. The high frequency of advertisement increases your company’s brand awareness while also helping to pass information or introduce new products. 

Promotes local companies and national campaigns

Local companies have an advantage when they use buses to increase the brand identity of the company among consumers. Buses can offer a local context to national campaigns by tailoring the message according to the area of operation of the buses. The use of buses helps to reaffirm the message that your customers get on other mediums such as online platforms or on the television. 

Cost efficiency

Cost is an important consideration for many businesses especially when it comes to advertising since it is an expensive but important aspect of the business. Transit displays are relatively cheaper in comparison to the other mediums of advertising. Although there are other cheaper mediums of advertisement, there is no medium that can offer a similar impact and outreach as transit displays. 

The size and mobility of buses allow your advert to be seen around a city or town while reaching many potential customers. Using bus ads will mean that you will not rely on the public to turn the TV on or to buy and read the newspaper for them to see your advert.

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