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The minimalist approach to design

Back in the days, a perfect design was simply something that had drop shadows, hyper realistic textures, and chaotic effects. Minimalism came into the limelight and has recently become a lifestyle in design. Minimalism brings the beauty and simplicity that designers have always needed. It also provides a balanced harmony, space, and even refined typography. 

Simplicity in minimalism

A simplistic approach is achieved by getting rid of the unnecessary elements of a design and creating practical experiences. The simplistic approach can help in empowering a brand’s purpose. Simplicity will allow the features of the product to be clearer. Furthermore, it encourages the elements to engage the audience by easing the flow of product messaging. Although some elements may be similar, you should not mistake the minimalist approach with the less is more approach. Minimalism requires you to put your audience first by ensuring they have a positive experience when navigating your site. However, the design that you use should also be relevant and appropriate for the content on the website. 

Minimalism increases functionality

When a website incorporates minimalism in their website, it becomes easier for the users to navigate through the website. This ensures they have a positive experience and engagement when visiting your site. If the elements are not user-friendly, the user will have no guidance and motivation to explore other parts of the site. The minimalist design requires that you solve the problem of cluttered content and know what you gain from the design you have chosen. It also helps you to create something that will stand the test of time. 

Examples of minimal design


For someone who is not trained, the minimalist approach can seem easy, and most people think they can handle it. However, it is quite hard to master. The minimalist design has become popular thanks to the digital revolution such as smartphones, and the influence of companies like Apple. The technology has brought a lot of changes in our lives. The small-sized mobile phones have forced people to remove clutter and thus putting the clarity as a top of their priority.

Google is the most popular homepage on the internet. It is the most useful and simplest homepage adopting the minimalist design. Furthermore, it has blended all the brand values with innovation, playfulness and their logo which change from time to time. You will not be distracted once you are on the Google homepage. You just have to go straight to search whatever you want from the Google homepage. Therefore, the design is user engaged. 

Using a simple design does not mean that your design is not creative enough. It can be less stylish than other designs but it has an excellent functionality. There are numerous designs which are meant to balance all the chaos and evoke emotion. These designs are exceptionally useful when creating beautiful stories and sentiments.  When it comes to design, there is a wide variety of favorite designs that you can choose to have the minimalist design.

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