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6 Secrets That Will Give Your Blog the Edge

Starting a blog nowadays has become a popular way to earn money online. However, not everyone has the right knowledge and skills to create an excellent blog. If you want to start making money blogging then you need to learn some of the secrets that can enhance the success of your blog. Here are some seven tips that will help your blog stand out from the crowd.  

1. Pay attention to the content and formatting of the text 

This is the number one tip that you should always keep in mind. Most blogs contain a lot of text which can become annoying for readers. Always remember to reduce the number of sentences in your paragraphs. You can have a maximum of four lines. Additionally, make use of subheadings and bullet point to make the text enjoyable to read. 

2. Use quality images

Your blog post will be boring if you do not break it with images. Use quality images related to your topic. Having the right image will often increase the readership of your blog. You should also remember to use a consistent size for all your pictures.  In doing so, your readers will know what to expect when they visit your blog. If you are going to write a long article, then you breaking it using an image may be an excellent idea. 

3. Invest time in writing your post

 Make sure that you give your blog the time it needs especially if you want to your blog to make money. You need to spice it up so that it can attract more readers. Once you are done with your post, make sure that you proofread it at least four times. You do not have anything to lose when you invest in your blog. If anything you will get more money if you give your more time to your blog. You will get more visitors and might just start smiling all the way to the bank.

4. Use the first two sentences to talk about your article

 Having an opening sentence is very important. Readers will determine whether they will continue reading your post by simply going through the opening sentences. The opening sentences and the headline should thus be revealing and compelling. 

5. Always give something back to your readers

 You can have giveaways and competitions for your audience. The giveaways to your visitors should be valuable prizes. For instance, you can have a book giveaway if you intend to encourage them to read more. Make sure that you give your readers more than expected. They will keep coming back to your blog.

6. Reply to the comments 

When you leave a comment on any blog or website, you definitely want a response. It is no secret that your readers also want you to do the same. As a rule, you must do to others just like you would want them to do to you. There is no doubt that you will make your blog stand out when you use the above tip.

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