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8 Signs You Are a Bad Graphic Designer

Graphic designers can only become excellent in their work if they practice good designing habits. However, some designers have certain habits that make them poor designers.  As a graphic designer, you need to put your best foot forward and provide your customers with the best designs to choose from. Here are some of the signs of a bad graphic designer.

1. Failing to sketch designs

You are as good as your designs. If you do not have them, you ruin your chances of getting clients.  Always have a rough sketch of the project. Bring the sketch designs you have completed to the client and allow them to choose the best. 

2. Disorganization 

As a graphic designer, you should make sure that you have included all the relevant details in any project that you start. Mixing up projects will only make you look unprofessional. Make sure that you include everything that the client wants and do not forget to include other details that may be necessary for the projects. 

3. Lack of creativity

Do you think you are a creative designer? You should always provide a variety of unique and new ideas to your customers. It is advisable to learn new things that might help you become more creative. For example, graphic designers who learn about photography are likely to be more creative than those who do not. Make sure that you always have something new to bring on the table. It will ensure your clients keep coming back for more since no one will hire a graphic designer who is not creative.

4. Having a careless attitude

You have to take your work with the seriousness it deserves. If you are lazy, then you will miss deadlines and fail to complete the work on time. Furthermore, a designer with a careless attitude will provide substandard work. Lazy designers do not care about their clients.

5. You copy other people’s work

Copying is never acceptable. If a graphic designer opts to copy the work of his fellow designers, then it is an indication that he is a bad designer. It is terrible to copy another person’s work and pass it as your own. Furthermore, your client will not take you seriously if you do so. 

6. Using the wrong software

Bad designers do not understand the importance of using correct software. A designer who does not know the right software to use is not a professional. As a good designer you should be up to date with the required software.

7. You use low-quality images

Sending the client low-quality images will show some lack of seriousness, and that is a sign of being a bad designer. Such images cannot be scaled and are not easy to enlarge. Make sure that you submit the images in a vector format. In doing so, it will be a lot easier for the client to print it out in a different medium.

8. Not being a professional

You must be a professional in every aspect of your work. Bad graphic designers use slang when communicating with their clients. Informal conduct is a sign of a poor designer and can harm your reputation of the graphic designer.

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